Regal Beagle Bakery


We now use delicious, natural, gluten and fat free GREEK Yogurt frosting!

Spooky Mini Pupcakes - 3 per order

All natural peanut butter and carrot mini pupcakes. Frosted with dog safe yogurt and natural colorant. Packaged in a cute dog themed cello bag.


Jack O'Lanterns - 6 per order

Jack O'Lantern treats come straight from the pumpkin patch to your dog's belly this Halloween.

From $6.29

BOO Bones - 10 per order

Why not pick up a bag of bones this Halloween for your favorite pooch. 

From $6.29

Creepy Cats - 25 per order

Sure to please any dog, these bite sized, creepy cats are just in time for Halloween!

From $6.29

Bag o' Bones - 25 per order

Treat your favorite pooch with a Trick or Treat bag full of yummy, frosted, bite sized bones.

From $6.29

Spooky Bats - 6 per order

Your pooch will enjoy nibbling on these tasty, spooky bats this Halloween.

From $6.29

Ghosts - 6 per order

Spooky ghosts are dipped and decorated in yogurt and carob.

From $6.29

Mini Ghosts - 25 per order

Ghostly treats are bite-sized and dipped and decorated in sweet yogurt and carob.

From $6.29

Mini Bats - 25 per order

Treat your dog to the perfect, bite sized Halloween treats! Smaller version of Spooky Bats.

From $6.29

Unfrosted Spooky Cookies - 6 per order

Spooky Cookies are the perfect unfrosted treat for your favorite pooch this Halloween. Includes two pumpkins, two ghosts, and two bats. Available in a variety of flavors and packaged in a cute paw print cello bag.

From $5.79